Latest references

OSCE – Ministerial Council Conference

On 4 and 5 December this year the Ministerial Council of the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) met in Basel. A special occasion for Europe, a great honour and challenge for Basel and a highlight for Winkler.

NAB Award – Aargauer of the Year Award Ceremony

Every year Neue Aargauer Bank (NAB) invites residents in the canton to nominate people for their special achievements. The right light, a perfect audio and video transmission and the Winkler know-how in design and stage building transformed the award ceremony of the title 'Aargauer of the Year' into a successful glamorous gala evening for 1,500 guests, including federal councillor Doris Leuthard. The event, which was televised live by Tele M1, was hosted in professional and glamorous style by Sandra Studer. We warmly congratulate the lucky winner and proprietress of 'Chäber' on her award.

tpc – Kampf der Orchester

Swiss radio and television has produced a new music show. In the 'Battle of the Orchestras' eight Swiss brass bands qualified for the live show and presented their music to the public in a completely new manner. Just as each of the eight bands was supported by a celebrity, Winkler backed up the entire production of the three live shows with top technology and personnel.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Days Zurich – Fashion Festival

Spotlight on Switzerland's major fashion event. This is the fifth time that Winkler has had the pleasure of staging the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Days Zurich. Aside from the usual technical equipment, our brilliant catwalk orchestration proved impressive again.

Toyota – Car Show Messe Zurich

With around 60,000 visitors, the Auto Zurich Car Show is one the largest multiple brand expos in German-speaking Switzerland. As ever, Winkler was back on board this year. In order to make the most of public interest, we expertly equipped the Toyota booth with appropriate lighting and rigging to attract all eyes to the company's new models.

Honda – Paris Mondial de l'Automobile 2014

Honda presented its latest brand trends at the Paris Motor Show. The focal point was the revamped Honda CR-V, given a facelift with a completely new front and sporty design. A successful première for the new Honda look, enhanced by light, audio and video from Winkler.

Infiniti – Paris Mondial de l'Automobile 2014

Paris Motor Show – the ideal venue for Infiniti to showcase its new luxury models. Winkler placed the luxury brand in the limelight – on an exhibition space of more than 1,000 sqm – bathing it in brilliant light from all sides with a video-LED wall in the background to display the new models on a large scale.

Züspa – Dinner is served

Which VIP does the best table decoration? This was the theme of the big competition at this year's Züspa. Four VIP couples tried their hand at table decoration and created their own festive tables with items from the Pfister range, which were then admired and rated by Züspa visitors. Winkler provided the perfect light to show them in their full splendour.

Züspa – Fashion Show

The Züspa Fashion Show is regarded by visitors as the highlight of the largest consumer and lifestyle shows in Zurich canton. As if by magic, Winkler created a small catwalk with an LED big screen, perfectly highlighting both adult and child models at the adult and kids fashion shows in the exhibition hall.

SSI Schäfer – Pack & Move

Sporting the slogan 'One Stop Logistics Excellence' SSI Schäfer focused on its expertise for this year's show presentation. Winkler provided all the booth lighting and special seamless monitors to create a large-scale impact and stunning look for the general contractor.