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tpc - technology and production center switzerland ag – Giacobbo Müller

From first to last Since the Late Night Show was launched Winkler has supported Giacobbo Müller every Sunday evening at the live recording in Kaufleuten, Zurich. The curtain has now fallen on the two satirists’ last show. On behalf of tpc - technology and production center switzerland ag Winkler was solely responsible for the light sector throughout all the years.

NAB Award – Aargauer of the Year Award Ceremony

Extravaganza for Aargau’s Woman of the Year. The NAB AWARD has now run into its sixth year. We congratulate Marit Neukomm on her award and wish her every success in the future. Responsible for audio, video, set, content and light design, Winkler created a spectacular atmosphere in our partner venue, Umwelt Arena in Spreitenbach.

OLMA 2016 – Special Show Liechtenstein

"Hoi metanand!" - The greeting of our neighbouring country, Liechtenstein at the Olma 2016. Well-known enterprises like Neutrik or Hilti present themselves on the booth and offer entertaining interactive options. Around the booth - all 360° degrees to be exact - Winkler set up a projection in which various persons related fascinating details about the country.

Schweizer Kader Organisation SKO – Gegen den Strom mit Mut

Winkler produced an event trailer for the Swiss Managers Organisation SKO on the occasion of the SKO - LadiesNet and Bank Coop. In partnership with the Bank Coop, the Swiss Managers Organisation SKO presented a panel of four authoritative women, who gave their audience practical tips and hints on how to improve their assertive powers and success.

Eidgenössisches Schwing- und Älplerfest – arena

Swiss tradition backed by Winkler technology - Behind the scenes, Winkler supported the triennial sport event, the 2016 Swiss Wrestling and Alpine Games Festival in Estavayer-le-lac. On behalf of Swisscom Event & Media Solutions and Appalooza Productions GmbH, Winkler provided the audio and lighting in the main arena and Swisscom TV Arena. Winkler was also responsible for the technical areas in the VIP zone and one of the five festival marquees.

41th Winterthur Music Festival Weeks – Openair Festival in the Old City

Open air in Winterthur's old town - Winterthur's music festival enjoyed another resounding success. While Christian Joller was responsible for the music festival's light design, Winkler provided the charitable organisation with system support and four trailers with a total of 4,900 pieces of equipment.

my105 – ON STAGE - Züri Fäscht

Lots of DJ's, top acts and a raving audience! 46 Swiss and international performers took the my105 stage at Paradeplatz. Winkler was on stage for my105 during the Züri Fäscht festival, providing lighting, audio and video systems.

Rock the Ring – Rock-Festival

24,000 fans rocked at this year's Ring in Hinwil. Winkler was the rock festival's technical service partner on behalf of Anyacts and Good News. Queen, Scorpions, Mando Diao and other sensational acts were billed during the weekend. Winkler has been on board from the start and is already looking forward to next year.

Good News Productions AG – Sonisphere Festival - Allmend rocks

Allmend rock(ed)! Braving the rain at the Allmend, 70,000 fans enjoyed acts like Iron Maiden, Rammstein, Sabaton and Slayer. During the two days Winkler ensured that the technical equipment for the acts worked without a hitch, making it a fantastic festival experience for performers and fans.

Verein Portal Kunst 57 – Opening of the Gotthard Base Tunnel

This is the world’s longest railway tunnel. It is a gigantic 57 kilometres long, it took 17 years to build, and more than 600 performers took part in the opening ceremony. Winkler handled the technical side of the artistic work choreographed by Volker Hesse to serenade the opening of the Gotthard Base Tunnel. The event required eight lorry loads of equipment, 30 beamers, around 600 spotlights and more than 700 person-days.