Latest references

Verein Portal Kunst 57 – Opening of the Gotthard Base Tunnel

This is the world’s longest railway tunnel. It is a gigantic 57 kilometres long, it took 17 years to build, and more than 600 performers took part in the opening ceremony. Winkler handled the technical side of the artistic work choreographed by Volker Hesse to serenade the opening of the Gotthard Base Tunnel. The event required eight lorry loads of equipment, 30 beamers, around 600 spotlights and more than 700 person-days.

UEFA Europa League – Public Viewing Final

Some 15 000 Liverpool fans were expected, and did indeed turn up. A solution had to be found for this year’s final of the UEFA Europa League, which was played in Basel with Liverpool FC against Sevilla FC. Some 35,000 spectators were accommodated in the stadium and around 15,000 fans were expected outside. As the general contractor, Winkler coordinated the transmissions of the finals to Barfüsserplatz and Marktplatz in Basel.

Sport Accord – Convention

Mammoth project in Lausanne. The Sport Accord Convention chose Winkler as its partner to be in charge of the entire technical production. The international convention lasted six days in the SwissTech Convention Center with the participation of various committees, cities, media and companies with roles to play in the development of sport.

Muba – festival

100 Years of the Swiss Sample Fair. The ribbon-cutting ceremony for the opening of the mother of all trade fairs ran smoothly, and the concerts were staged successfully. Together with Magic Sky, the Circular Courtyard was converted into a show location where the various musicians, magicians, comedians and other Swiss top acts celebrated the 100th anniversary of the Swiss Sample Fair. Winkler was in charge of the entire technical side of the events in the Circular Courtyard.

tpc – Live shows - The greatest Swiss talents

Unique talents, the melodious art of music, masterly acrobatic performances – all of that could be experienced during this year’s round in the search for the country’s biggest talents in “Die grössten Schweizer Talente”. Although Winkler was not amongst the candidates, it made a successful contribution under contract to the tpc and SRF. The tasks entrusted to it included lighting, rigging, video and audio. The show also stood out on account of a new light design, devised in cooperation with RGB GmbH. Once the grand final was over, it took Winkler and tpc together only a few days to rearrange the hall ready for recording the “Hello Again” hit show.

Yamaha – Swiss Moto

An emotional, international concept for these Japanese motorcycles at Swiss Moto. Hostettler presented the current Yamaha models on different island worlds. Featuring lamella ribs, as a metaphor for the art of origami in Japan and the stylish design of the motorcycles, the stand made a uniquely professional impact. The technology was aligned to the concept and incorporated in it. 

English church – WEF - World Economic Forum

The English Church (Davos Free Protestant Church) was turned into a modern lounge and event location for the duration of the WEF. Panel discussions were transmitted live to the CNBC studio and many other interviews were conducted there. Winkler was commissioned by Holland & Young and Tradeshift to act as general contractor for the English Church. It carried out the necessary alterations and, with a combination of creativity and the most modern technical equipment available, ensured that all the broadcasting went without a hitch. 

BlackRock – client event

A distinctive ambience for the world’s largest asset manager. Last week, the BlackRock company of financial specialists arranged a client event in Schloss Sihlberg in Zurich. Winkler provided discreet lighting for the principal features of the building, highlighting the stylistic uniqueness of the location.

V-ZUG – Exhibition stand at the Swissbau

A special truss design for a very special stand – Winkler accompanied V-Zug to Swissbau in 2014 already. Our truss design, adapted for the exhibition stand, underscored V-Zug’s successful presence at Swissbau.   

Swissbau – Swissbau Focus competence platform

Winkler was responsible for the entire technical planning and implementation of Swissbau Focus. The event and networking format held in the Event Hall is comprised of some sixty panel discussions and workshops, imparting all kinds of specialist skills.