Latest references

Swiss Venture Club – Entrepreneur Award Northern Switzerland

Every two years, the Swiss Venture Club awards the SVC Prize to the most innovative company in Northern Switzerland. With an exceptionally sophisticated set design and the full range of technical services from Winkler, the award of the SVC Prize ran smoothly and to the client's utmost satisfaction this year too. 

NAB Award – Aargauer of the Year Award Ceremony

The fifth presentation of the NAB AWARD – the fourth time with Winkler and the second time at our venue partner's premises in the "Environmental Arena" in Spreitenbach. The award was presented to Aargau's "Man of the Year". Those watching on television and the more than 1200 guests decided in favour of Rocco Umbescheidt, who has been managing projects for emergency earthquake relief in Nepal on a voluntary basis for 17 years. Over a period of four years, Winkler has been providing all the event technology to support the presentation of the award.

various stands – Igeho 2015

More than 70,000 guests came to the anniversary edition of Igeho 2015. Winkler was present at this event too and, in addition to many other attractive exhibition stands, provided the technology for the newly launched Igeho Campus.  

Season of the witch – Halloween-Party

Spooky celebrities in the Adagio – 31 October saw the "Season of the Witch" in Zurich to mark Halloween Night. At the Halloween party, celebrities chased away the spirits from the City of Zurich and made the occasion into a delightful event. Winkler took charge of the technical side of the festivities in the Adagio. 

various stands – Car Show Messe Zurich

With around 600 new cars and numerous premières, Auto Zürich is one of Switzerland's most important car shows. This year once again, Winkler is supporting a number of exhibitors with the event technology on their stands, ensuring that the cars have a free run for a successful presentation. 

Salto Natale – dreamcatcher

The Salto Natale Christmas Circus is being staged for the 13th time already. This year's title is "Dreamcatcher". With this metaphor, inspired by the mystic and spiritual cult object of the native Americans, the circus accompanies its guests through the dream world of the Salto Natale. Winkler has been part of this dream world for eight years, with the company's state-of-the-art technology making for a unique experience. 

OLMA 2015 – Special Show Canton Aargau

Canton Aargau is a guest at OLMA 2015. A multimedia tour of the canton gives visitors insight into Switzerland's "water canton" with its many rivers and streams. Winkler is providing sophisticated, spot-on lighting for the exhibition stand, highlighting this region which is famous for the carrots it grows and its carrot cake.

Ohlala – Act Five

Ohlala - Sexy Crazy Artistic. For the fifth time running already, Winkler is supporting the circus of love with the very latest event technology. In cooperation with Designlight GmbH, we are providing an extravagant lighting design to accompany the artists throughout their sensuous programme.

Lowering CO2 – Campaign / Launch Event

Promoting driving in a manner that's environmentally friendly yet still efficient. In cooperation with the TCS and the mineral oil association "Erdöl-Vereinigung", the Swiss Federal Office of Energy organised a promotional event for its "CO2tieferlegen" (Lowering CO2) campaign at Zurich Main Railway Station. To ensure that the launch event could be staged without any hitches, Winkler provided support for the presentation in the technical fields of sound, lighting and rigging.

IFA Basel 2015 – Opening- & Closingceremony / Kongress

250 man days, a large number of side events and 20 rooms in use simultaneously The 69th Congress of the International Fiscal Association (IFA) was hosted at the heart of Europe – in Switzerland. Winkler supported the IFA Congress with technical know-how throughout: with a 16 metre long LED wall during the opening ceremony depicting typical pictures of Switzerland, right through to the YIN party held in the Elisabethen Church. During the main session, up to 20 different events were held in different rooms simultaneously, making this congress into one of the most personnel-intensive occasions of the last half year.