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Radio Argovia – Argovia Fäscht

Wonderful weather. Wonderful Fäscht. This year’s Heim open air festival at the Birrfeld airfield again drew huge crowds from across the whole region to the event. Winkler was represented on the main stage for the very first time this year and provided the lighting design. In addition, LED screens were installed throughout the entire on-stage setup and could be incorporating into production designs. The audience enjoyed acts including Hurts and Álvaro Soler under glorious skies.

Brunex Brunegg Türenfabrik / Feuerschutz Team – Architect@work 2017

Winkler Multi Media Event AG supported Brunex and Feuerschutz Team at this year’s architect@work 2017, which was held in Zurich from 10 – 11.05.2017.Approval to exhibit at the a&w is only granted to innovative products, which are showcased in the triangular exhibition space and on the walls. Visitors are led automatically through small, uniform modules.The stand concept for the two exhibiting companies was developed by Winkler in collaboration with adwerba, an advertising agency from Salzburg.According to Christine Hornung, Winkler project manager: «The biggest challenge was to make optimum use of the limited exhibition space, to achieve the right balance of exhibitor, innovative product and aesthetic».The exhibition stands were completed with the support of Stauffis Messebau AG.The company Feuerschutz Team showcased a fully-glazed fire-resistant door. Frameless screens were used to create the impression of a fire raging the full height of the door. Swissness was the focus for Brunex. The Swiss crosses mounted in acrylic glass were inspired by the entrance to the company’s building. Hidden behind the red Suono sliding door was an illuminated children’s room. «We are certain to exhibit again at architect@work 2019», said Petra Brand, marketing manager at Brunex.

SAP – Event 2017

Held at the Congress Center in Basel, the theme of this year's two-day SAP Forum for business experts, digital pioneers and innovative customers was “Join the Digital Festival”. On behalf of the Compresso agency, Winkler staged a media spectacular based on the festival concept. Some 600 paper lanterns were hung on and around the stage in the San Francisco hall. Each lantern could be individually controlled by the operator; a special feature that created a variety of lighting moods. The sensational light show during the artists’ performances was truly extraordinary, providing a contrast to the rather reserved corporate atmosphere of the presentations. A real festival of a business event.

Swiss Film Award – Award Show

Majestic, technical, professional. Alternating between German and French-speaking Switzerland, this year’s Swiss Film Award was held at the historical former BFM hydro power plant in Geneva. The crème de la crème of the Swiss film industry were honoured, including Sophie Hunger for best film music and Bruno Ganz, who received the Honorary Award from Alain Berset. Aside from its annually changing location, this project is also exceptionally interesting and challenging from a technical perspective. Various requirements have to be accommodated and harmonised; for example, the demands of TV transmission combined with those of the live event. Achieving the optimal mix of both makes the project both challenging and exciting. And with the top, most influential people in the Swiss film industry also represented at this event come the highest expectations, particularly with regard to video and audio technology. In addition to the video and audio, Winkler was also responsible for its own lighting design and for guaranteeing the smooth professional technical execution across the board at the extraordinarily challenging location of the Bâtiment des Forces Motrices.

SBB AG – cadre meeting

1,900 managers from the Swiss Federal Railways SBB came from throughout Switzerland to take part in this year's management event in Lucerne. With all three national languages represented, the presentations were shown in triplicate. The room was divided up by a 30-metre screen, with content projected onto both sides. The six 20,000 ANSI lumen projectors guaranteed a clear and bright picture on the screen throughout the event (comparison: customer product has normally 3000-5000 ANSI). As well as projection, Winkler was also responsible for the entire lighting and audio technology for the conference. Numerous guest speakers took the stage in a tightly scheduled programme.

Spross-Holding AG – Giardina 2017- Garden and lifestyle exhibition

Unique. Reliable. Sustainable. The Spross Group has been deeply rooted in garden and landscaping for several generations. This year Winkler handled the technology for its magnificent stand at the Giardina exhibition, marking its 125-year anniversary. A projection encompassed external sites and offset the stand with decentralised content in various exciting scenarios, enhanced with a fog installation, audio, moving lights and various spotlights.  Dimmable decorative bulbs accentuated the sycamore trees, symbol of the Spross Group.

tpc - technology and production center switzerland ag – Ich schänke dir es Lied

Emotional moments in the new SRF TV show - “Ich schänke dir es Lied”. Live from the Bodensee Arena in Kreuzlingen the programme has shared the stories of the participants with the whole of Switzerland. On behalf of tpc, Winkler provided the equipment and expertise for aspects of the PA, lighting, LED and rigging.

tpc - technology and production center switzerland ag – Giacobbo Müller

From first to last Since the Late Night Show was launched Winkler has supported Giacobbo Müller every Sunday evening at the live recording in Kaufleuten, Zurich. The curtain has now fallen on the two satirists’ last show. On behalf of tpc - technology and production center switzerland ag Winkler was solely responsible for the light sector throughout all the years.

NAB Award – Aargauer of the Year Award Ceremony

Extravaganza for Aargau’s Woman of the Year. The NAB AWARD has now run into its sixth year. We congratulate Marit Neukomm on her award and wish her every success in the future. Responsible for audio, video, set, content and light design, Winkler created a spectacular atmosphere in our partner venue, Umwelt Arena in Spreitenbach.

OLMA 2016 – Special Show Liechtenstein

"Hoi metanand!" - The greeting of our neighbouring country, Liechtenstein at the Olma 2016. Well-known enterprises like Neutrik or Hilti present themselves on the booth and offer entertaining interactive options. Around the booth - all 360° degrees to be exact - Winkler set up a projection in which various persons related fascinating details about the country.